Namecheap Domain Registrar Review – The Top Choice for Your Blog


In the previous blog post, we covered how to choose a domain name for your blog. Now you probably know why you should choose the domain name for your blog carefully.

In this blog post, we are going to extend this discussion further. When you have chosen the right domain name, you have to decide where are you going to register it.

To start your own self-hosted WordPress blog, you need a hosting provider and a domain name registrar with whom you can register your domain name.

What are domain name registrars and web hosting?

Domain name registrars like Namecheap do the work of giving an online identity to your domain name. A web hosting service stores all your website database files and fetches them as per the need of your website. It is your own space online.

For domain name registration, Namecheap is my top choice as the best domain name registrar. Here is the link if you want to go straight to Namecheap domain registrar.

If you want to have your blog for more than a year, then it gets more economical for you too.

For web hosting, I recommend Bluehost. I have covered Bluehost review in which I talk about it being a viable option for anyone starting a blog. 

Here is the link to take web hosting from Bluehost.

Today, I’ll review Namecheap domain registrar for registering your domain name.

About Namecheap

It is an ICANN accredited domain name registration company. Its pricing is one of the most important aspects for anyone starting a blog. It also offers web hosting but the Namecheap domain registrar is their core business. It’s been in business since 2001.   

Key features of Namecheap Domain Registrar

Namecheap provides great features:

  • Free WhoisGuard is enabled. It protects your contact information like your address, email and phone number from the publicly available Whois database when someone tries to look up your domain name registration details.
  • Free WhoisGuard domain privacy for the first year. You need to renew it separately when you renew your registrar.
  • One email account free.
  • It has an excellent search tool to help you find the domain name availability of your choice.
  • Cheap SSL at $1.99 for the first year.

Pros of NameCheap

  • Very affordable
  • Easy interface and very intuitive.
  • Since it is non-cluttered, it is easier to use.
  • Not many upsells as compared to the competitors like GoDaddy. This makes the checkout process extremely smooth and you can register the domain within a matter of minutes.
  • 24/7 live chat and email support. Its live chat gets good reviews as being fast and reliable.

Cons of NameCheap

  • Phone support missing. Sometimes when you want to speak to a real person to explain your issue, then you will feel the need for a phone support. But, to quite an extent, their live chat support with a fast turnaround time makes up for this missing phone support.

Now let’s discuss the Namecheap domain registrar features in detail


It’s pricing also depends on which TLD you are using. Example – .com, .org, .net

If you plan to use the domain name for more than a year, then Namecheap is a winner on this front. Though its introductory pricing is not a hefty discount, but if you renew it, then it gets cheaper.

This means that if you plan to save upfront, then Namecheap is not a good option but if your plan is keeping the domain name for more than a year, then you should definitely prefer it.


Their renewal rates are excellent. Although Namecheap doesn’t offer a discount in the first year, its renewal rates will not come as a shock to you. Most other domain name registrars like GoDaddy will have a much higher renewal rate.


It is very frustrating to see many big companies trap customers into buying services that they don’t need. They will try to upsell services to you and as a newbie, you wouldn’t understand whether you need it or not. This results in inflated bills.

That’s not the case with Namecheap. Their checkout process is extremely professional and streamlined. They don’t try to upsell services that the customer won’t need.

Here is the link if you want to go to Namecheap domain registrar.

Final Verdict

What makes a domain name registrar impressive is its quality of service and customer support. Namecheap gets an edge among all its competitors. Its great product signup process, neat interface, good pricing, helpful customer support make it a winner.

Did you find the NameCheap domain registrar review useful? Please post your comments and let’s share the knowledge.