How to Be a Successful Blogger So It Changes your Life Forever


When you see some blogs growing and being successful, have you wondered what could be the reasons for their success? Have you wanted to know how to be a successful blogger like them?

Every year, many blogs come up but only a few survive.

Even after putting lots of hard work and time, many bloggers fail and eventually quit. So, how can you be apart from them and become a successful blogger?

We have heard about the importance of quality content, a perfect posting schedule, how to guest post and content upgrades.

But, all of this fails if the first and the most important thing is missing.

I think you guessed it. Yes, it is your audience (also called buyer persona).

So, before you look for any tips, tricks or actionable steps for your blogging success, you have to understand who your audience is and what are their needs.

An important strategy for launching a successful blog is to realize what works for one person will not always work for you.

In this article, you will learn the practical ways and strategies on how to be a successful blogger.

But, before going deep into the topic, you must know the skills required for blogging success.

Some people are very passionate about blogging and want to make a full-time career in it. You must understand that blogging requires a long-term commitment along with smart work to make it a success and a money-making machine.

Here are some tips for becoming a successful blogger that will be very helpful in your blogging journey.

Skills for becoming a successful blogger

Being a blogger is not just about starting a blog and getting traffic to it.

What qualities differentiate a successful blogger from an unsuccessful one? The answer is dedication, a long-term commitment to blogging and having a set of qualities that will place you ahead of others.

If you have these qualities then you are in a good position to have success in blogging but if you are lacking in any, then you can develop them with regular practice.

1. Good writing skills

You should have very good writing skills if you want to succeed in the online world.

Well-written, structured and quality content will be appreciated by your readers, get more shares and also new blog email subscribers.

There are lots of low-quality articles already online and if yours is one of them, then there are absolutely no chances for you to succeed online.

If your writing skills are average or below-average, then there is help available to improve this skill. This article by Neil Patel gives practical tips to improve your writing.

For checking my grammatical mistakes, I like to use a very helpful tool called Grammarly. You may also give it a try and I’m sure you will find it helpful.

2. Be disciplined

This is a very important skill according to me, not just for blogging but for any field. Being disciplined requires a lot commitment from you every single day and can be a turning factor in your blogging success.

If you think that one day you will start a blog and be successful overnight, then let me be very frank. This will not happen.

Attracting an engaged audience happens gradually.

Being disciplined to your blogging schedule, social media updates and the overall content strategy will be very helpful to you in the long run.

3. Time Management

You should be able to manage your time well if you have to blog consistently. Many newbie bloggers find it really difficult to find time for doing all the things they are required to do.

This article outlines 12 best time management tips for bloggers that you will find useful. The most successful bloggers in any niche are disciplined and follow time management practices.

4. Being Creative

If you want to grow your blog and drive traffic to it, find ways to be creative. The more creative you are in expressing your thoughts and promoting your blog, the more people will read it.

Being creative includes creative writing as well as creative ways to grab the prospective reader’s attention without being too pushy.

The above blogging skills are important for you to grow your blog, drive traffic and engagement and finally, success!

How to be a successful blogger with these actionable steps


1. Know your audience

All the bloggers should make an effort to know the audience or target readers of their blogs.

Knowing your audience means understanding the type of people you are catering to, their needs, pain points, the type of sites and forums they usually visit, their age group etc.

We call these people your buyer persona.

You can know all this by conducting online polls and surveys. Go through the comments sections in various blogs related to your niche and see the questions being asked in Quora.

When you know who your audience it, focus on them and create content that solves their problems. Undertake all your paid marketing and advertising efforts by targeting this set of people.

All this will result in a strong interest in your blog.

2. Be Authentic

Being authentic helps you connect with your audience better. Whatever topic you write on, blogging is a very personal way to do it.

It is an interactive medium (hopefully, you haven’t disabled blog comments) that allows a two-way communication between you and your readers. Your readers will only engage if they find your content valuable and want to visit your blog again.

Being authentic comes from being yourself. Let your personality flow through your writing.

Always respond to comments on your blog. Your readers will be able to tell whether you are writing from your heart or it is a forced one.

3. Blogging Frequency

You can choose to publish a new post every day, thrice a week or 3-4 times a month. It depends on your comfort level and the blogging time available to you.

But even if you cannot blog every day, try to post as frequently as possible.

Studies have shown that companies that blog 16 or more times a month get 3.5 times more traffic than those that blog 0-4 times a month.




But, I suggest you build a habit of writing every day, even if you don’t publish what you write. Every written piece of content does not necessarily have to be published.

This habit will always keep you in a very advantageous position because you will considerably improve your writing skills.

But, always remember the rule: Quality content is more important than quantity.

The more quality and useful content you post, the better your readers will connect with you.

4. Promoting Content

Content promotion is as important as putting quality content out there for your audience. Publishing posts is just half the work done. You have to aggressively promote it to make it reach a wider audience. That is why your marketing skills come very handy.

How to be a successful blogger also demands from you to be good at content marketing. Here is a good article from CoSchedule for further reading on how to promote your content.

When you have published a post, share it on your social media pages, popular blogs and news sites, participate in discussions on forums and subtly give a link to your post for further reading on the topic.

But, in forums’ postings, just be careful if you are allowed to give links.

You invest so much energy and time in coming up with awesome content and promoting it enough will grow your blog further.

Suggested: Actionable Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners

5. Growing Email List and Email Automation

Your email list is very important for the growth of your online business. Email marketing has the highest ROI out of any marketing channel. When you compare it with any industry or across any niche, email marketing emerges as the top channel for business growth.

Many newbie bloggers don’t realize the importance of building an email list from the beginning.

An email list allows you to have a direct communication with your subscribers and you can easily achieve your business goals.

You must nurture your email subscribers. Their inbox is their private space and you should send relevant content to them. Do not bombard them with too many emails.

For getting email subscribers to your site and automating emails, sign up for a good email marketing platform like Aweber, ConvertKit or MailChimp (free service upto 2000 subscribers).

Have a sign-up form on your website and to increase sign-ups, enable pop-up sign-ups, content upgrades etc.

The question you have to answer is not whether you should build an email list but how can you build it fast.

6. Partner with other bloggers

To get new subscribers and audiences, do guest posting and partner with other bloggers in your niche. Write quality articles as a guest blogger and you will leverage from the traffic on the other website.

This will also gradually help to establish you as an authority in your field. There are also SEO benefits and better branding opportunities when you partner with other bloggers.

7. SEO

Google plays an important part in sending traffic to your blog articles. So make sure that both the on-page and off-page SEO of your website are addressed.

After all, in the long run, you sure want to get organic traffic.

Write keyword optimized articles. The Yoast SEO WordPress plugin is very helpful in doing your on-page SEO.

8. Get over being perfect

Only when you consistently keep doing something, you gain expertise in it.

The same applies to blogging. Many people are very hesitant to post content because they think that it is not yet perfect.

The sooner you get over that mindset, the better.

Of course, you should aim at posting good content but that should not stop you from publishing at all. Don’t let perfectionism stand in your way.

We all are learning new skills every day. So, keep publishing without worrying that it is not the best post out here.

Just start something and put more stuff online. Evolve and give yourself a chance to learn.

9. Keep a notebook handy

I like to keep a notebook handy at all time and jot down any inspiration or a to-do item that I remember. If I don’t write it down or capture it in any note-taking app on my phone, chances are that I will forget about it later.

That means a missed opportunity to something that could have worked beautifully for me.

You too should do the same if not already doing. You never know when inspiration strikes.

10. Use social media apps on your phone

To be connected to your social media followers, make better utilization of your time and be generally more in control of things, I suggest you download the apps of your most important social media accounts.

This will help you to reply to comments or create a post or a tweet when an idea strikes on the go.

11. Visuals and imagery

Include images in your blog posts. They should be relevant and eye-catching.

Too many images might increase the load-time of your site. To compress the images, install a plugin that compresses the images.

It has been proven by statistics that blogs with images get 94% more views. A long-form post does good from an SEO standpoint, but many people like to skim through certain sections of the post.

Images break the monotony of words and help in easy reading.

12. Post formatting

You may have taken lots of time and effort in research, writing the perfect blog post and including eye-catching imagery to but if you neglect this one thing, then it can dramatically lower the visual appeal and the on-page SEO of your post.

Yes, you MUST do proper post formatting before hitting the PUBLISH button.

It can be a long or short post but it should be scannable easily because 43% of people admit to skimming blog posts. 

How can you be a successful blogger if people find it hard to read your posts or you don’t give enough feeding fodder to search engine crawlers to visit your posts?

So, format your posts to help readers scan the content by taking special note of the following:

  • Heads and Sub-heads – H1, H2, H3 etc.
  • Bullets or numbers for lists
  • Captions or block-quotes
  • Bold fonts
  • Other formatting tools that break up larger blocks of text.

13. Blog Design

Your blog’s design influences the behavior of your blog visitors.

If visitors find what they are looking for easily, then obviously the time on site will increase. The blog’s look, overall design and content should be professional, whichever the blog niche.

You may have created quality content but there is still the challenge of presenting it to your audience and that’s where a good blog design will help.

Keep your content, images, navigation and layout professional and let the blog reflect its personality. If you are using WordPress, then there are many free and paid themes available from which you can choose.

Wrapping it Up

Now you know that how to be a successful blogger requires specific skills like good writing, time management, discipline and lots of creativity. It is also true that any of these skills can be acquired with regular practice and hard work (include smart work too!).

Additionally, the actionable steps outlined above will gradually help you in fulfilling the goals that you have set aside for yourself as a blogger and your blog.

The transformation cannot happen overnight but keep working at all the steps and you will soon realize that you are moving in the right direction.

Do you have any other suggestions, strategies or tips? Please share them in the comments below so that we all can benefit.

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