The Digital Marketing Times: A Revisit to Traditional Marketing


Nowadays the in-thing is digital marketing and everyone seems to be talking about it.

The good news is that digital as a marketing channel cannot be ignored anymore. A recent survey points to this phenomenal growth of digital with the top online companies occupying the maximum ad spend. Facebook, Google and Youtube rule the list.

That is why we see that so many digital agencies have sprung up as there is more demand in the market.

People spend a lot of their time online and that’s why social media, videos, blog posts and emails have become so popular.

Mobile usage has picked up in a big way as content consumption is increasing.

Traditional advertising is stagnant if not shrinking. Marketers are continuously allocating budgets for the digital.

The reasons are very easy to understand.

Shift from Traditional to Digital Marketing

Over the past few years, we have seen a shift in focus from traditional to digital marketing.

Online shopping and e-commerce sites have become popular as payments have become secure, easy return policies, doorstep delivery, cash payments etc.

The brick-and-mortar stores don’t have these comforts.The scalability of the online business is immense.

For someone who has just started an online business, it is easy to go from local to regional and global.

Consumers’ behaviors are changing and they spend a lot of their time online. This shift is brought about by advancements in technology, smart devices and the massive amount of content consumption that is available to them online.

Digital channel is measurable through analytics, has a higher ROI in terms of advertising spend and user engagement is possible. Creating an emotional connect requires sophistication and is very important in marketing and Youtube videos provide that perfectly.

But all these benefits of digital do not mean that traditional is dead.

Why is traditional marketing STILL important?

Marketing through traditional means has its own benefits.

  • Much of the population is not online, especially the senior citizens and traditional marketing becomes very important for this target group.
  • Television, radio, print advertising, flyers and billboards are all important. They immensely help in building brand awareness and perception.
  • This is very helpful for digital marketing because it creates the groundwork for a successful digital marketing campaign.
  • Big online companies like Amazon, Facebook, eBay and Flipkart advertise in the newspapers. Isn’t this proof enough that traditional is still important?
  • Materials in print advertising can be kept for a much longer time. Television advertisements have a good recall value.

The integrated approach to marketing

The media landscape is very fragmented and leveraging the best of both digital and traditional is a wise step to survive in times of cut-throat competition.

Consumers today are smart and demand more. A unified brand experience’ for them across channels and devices is very important.

In a consumer buying process, there are multiple touch points. So a consistent imagery, branding and messaging have to be synchronized to give customers a cohesive brand experience.

That is why an omni-channel approach to marketing is very important.

An inclusive approach to traditional and digital marketing becomes important to improve brand visibility and get an edge over the competition who may just be focussing on digital.