How to Create Content Pillars For Social Media that Give Results!


Every task that seems difficult in the beginning, has a simple solution hidden somewhere. The content pillars for social media help content marketers immensely in creating good, engaging and timely content for their social media platforms.

You may have read heard many times that to create a successful blog and an engaged audience, you have to be very active on social media platforms.

You should have a consistent frequency of posting on social media to engage your readers.

If you are active on social media platforms and post useful content on your blogs to maintain engagement and build trust, then gradually it will lead to an increase in traffic.

Yet, blogging is such a big task in itself that maintaining a consistent posting frequency becomes a challenge.

In the end, many of us neglect our social media presence.

Content creation is very important for bloggers and if your blog is not read by your target audience then it will be left in a corner of the world wide web to collect digital dust.

So how do we create engaging and informative posts for a social media platforms without wasting too much time?

The answer to this and many other problems regarding social media is in creating content pillars.

What is a content pillar and how is it helpful for content marketers?

A content pillar is a very well researched piece of content that has very comprehensive coverage of a particular topic.

It can be broken down into bite-sized pieces of information.

Since they are very comprehensive, it is easy to break them down into smaller pieces, each of which can take the form of a long-form content.

Content pillars for social media can make a couple of week’s content for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube channel material.

Content pillars are information-heavy pieces of content that require time and effort to be created. They usually come in the form of an ebook on an extensive blog post.

Some examples of content pillars are:


How-To Series

Video Series

White Papers

Benefits of content pillars

You can reap many benefits from content pillars for your social media campaigns and website.

✅ A single piece of the content pillar will help you to create enough content that you can repurpose it for your blog and social media. You are not just a blogger now. You are also a content marketer.

✅ It will help you to establish yourself and your blog as an authoritative site for getting information on a particular niche.

✅ You get the best of both worlds by breaking down your content pillar into smaller pieces of content: long-form and short-form content that can be used for your website and social media.

✅ Longer content also makes to the first page of Google search results easily. Research has shown that longer content ranks higher on SERPs. The graph below explains this in a nice way.

Image Source : Content Marketing Institute

✅ Increases time on site: people spend longer time on your site for reading content pillars. You should post high quality of content though.

✅ The bounce rate of your website decreases when people find well researched long-form content on your site.

✅ Content pillars also help to generate a lot of backlinks because others like linking to your content that provides value to the readers.

✅ As you keep updating the long-form content, your rankings in search engines will continue to go up. New and updated content is loved by Google and you will keep benefitting as long as your website is live.

How to create content pillars?

As I already mentioned, creating content pillars that you can repurpose for social media or any of your marketing campaigns takes time and effort but once you have a solid piece of content, there are many benefits.

So, how can you create these comprehensive pieces of information? Let’s explain with an example.

Suppose you are creating an ebook that has interviews and opinions on a particular topic from industry experts. You also want to include some specific ideas you get during those interviews, some best practices and how-to guides.

You may also want to include some graphs and an infographic to give the visual appeal to your data.

This is definitely a lot of work in itself but if you take a holistic approach, then just by putting in some additional work, you can create a masterpiece of content that is a goldmine of information.

You may want to think on these lines:

Get a videographer to capture the answers when you conduct interviews. This helps you to create videos on specific topics mentioned in the ebook.

Writing a blog post on each video you produce will also be a good idea. Uploading the videos on your YouTube channel and the blog posts on your website will get you additional traffic.

Infographics are great sources of data presented beautifully. Create different data pieces from the infographic into separate blog posts.

The benefits?

By conducting research projects, you have content for your YouTube channel, a few more blog posts to drive engagement and lots of content to fill your social media platforms channels.

Publishing different forms of content will also help you to understand what works best for your audience.

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Breaking content pillars into different forms…

A content pillar can easily be broken down into smaller pieces of information for your next round of content creation for social media.

One content pillar article on a particular topic can easily take different forms:

✅ Lead Magnet – to attract new subscribers to your email marketing

✅ Content Upgrade – again, to get new email subscribers

✅ Blog posts – the main comprehensive article can be divided into different pieces of information. These pieces can be developed into separate articles themselves.

✅ Infographics – they work very well on social media and can get many shares.

✅ Video scripts – again, these are useful for your video promotions through YouTube or Vimeo.

✅ Emails – you can craft informative pieces of content for your email marketing campaigns.

✅ Social Media  – you can create posts, tweets and updates for your social media campaigns.

Image Source: Hubspot

How can you repurpose content pillars for social media?

When you create content pillars and publish them on your blog, have a regular promotion frequency on your social media accounts.

But, to derive the maximum benefit from your content pillars, break them down into chunks of information, just the right fit to post for social sharing.

If you post an e-book on your Facebook feed, then it might not become viral. However, some tweaking and simple tricks of your content can get you shares like crazy.

Infographics, videos, tips, quotes and specific solutions to small problems in your niche when presented in an interesting way, can get you enough engagement. In other words, create shareable content from your content pillars.

Tips to get maximum benefit from social media content pillars

You should keep the following points in mind while creating content for your Facebook or Instagram posts or using any other social platform.

TIP #1 : Understand your audience

Research about the type of audience that visits your blog.

Take a look at Google Analytics and insights of social media platforms to know what is the type of audience that visits your blog.

Find out if your audience is male or female, their age-group, their pain points etc. This will help you post better and more targeted content on social media.

TIP #2 : Identify their pain-points

Your content pillars and the small pieces of information that majorly form the content of your social media. They should be able to solve your readers’ pain-points and problems.

Identify the problem and provide a solution in your content. The problems are the pain points of your readers.

Take note of the Twitter conversations of your followers there. This will give you an inside know-how of their problems.

TIP #3 : Content-creation should be very good

Every social media platform has a slightly different set of audience although they may all come under the broad category of your target audience, yet you have to tweak your content slightly to suit each platform.

Create very good content that solves their problems, explain to them solutions in a simple way and in an engaging tone.

Encourage them to post comments and doubts. Respond to the comments with valuable insights.

Occasionally on Facebook, you may conduct polls, ask opinions of your fans about the type of content that they are looking for.

TIP #4 : Promote Pillar Articles Regularly

You may have created epic content for your target audience but if you are not able to put forth this content in front of them then your effort is a waste.

Push out your content on social media platforms and promote it so much that it does full justice to your efforts.

Whenever you publish content pillars on your blog, you have to do content distribution very well. Have a regular posting frequency for the social media platforms. Promote the hell out of your content pillars. Break them into consumable chunks for different platforms.

Use a social media scheduler tool like HootSuite or Buffer. They are good scheduling tools and you will not miss on your posting deadlines.

To make your social media get results, posting relevant content related to the specific audience is important.

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Wrapping things up

It takes time and effort to create content pillars.

Lots of research is required but once they are created you will get the benefits for a long time. The content pillars can be broken down into tiny bits of information that can take values from like infographics, downloadable material and lead magnets.

Your social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram will have ready-made content for many posts and tweets.

You will not have to burn the midnight lamp to come up with great content for your social media profiles for some time.

That means that content pillars for social media will help you not only in your social media campaign but also in bringing more traffic to your blog, establishing you as an authority in your name and ultimately monetizing your blog.

If you have created content pillars for your blog, how have they benefited you? Have you tried repurposing your pillar content for social media posts? Please let me know in the comments below.

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