Must Read: 12 Guaranteed Benefits of Blogging


Realising the immense benefits of blogging happened to me when I myself got into the regular habit of blogging.

Many bloggers out there start with the hope of growing their blogs by blogging regularly.

In the initial days there is too much excitement but as the days pass by, the excitement fizzles out and the blog suffers.

One reason why they do not take to blogging on a regular basis is that in the initial days there is not enough traffic from the search engines. They want to make money or fulfill whatever their goal is through blogging but success in blogging doesn’t come easy.

That is why a good advice for bloggers is that they must have a long-term perspective and understand how search engines work to their benefit.

The blogosphere has evolved. Some 20 years back blogs didn’t exist. To today they are over 150 million blogs. People are realizing the benefits of blogging in personal and professional life.

It is the potential of this online medium that is attracting so many people to blogging. Blogs also give a platform for people to express their thoughts and opinions.

Arianna Huffington said that “self-expression has become the new entertainment.”

There are many different types of blogs like business, health, fashion, money-making, lifestyle, food and entertainment.

Businesses are also realizing the importance of blogging. In fact, business blogging has become a marketing tactic that uses blogging to get more leads, sales and build brand reputation.

When you are blogging actively, Google and other search engines get a cue that your site is active and that they should visit it regularly. This helps boost your SEO rankings.

So let’s see what are the Benefits of Blogging

1. Improve the SEO for your blog.

Regular blogging gives a clue to Google that the page is updated regularly and Google crawls your website frequently. Every time you write a blog post, it means one more indexed page on your website. This improves the SEO for your site.

When the blog starts to rank in search engines, you will continue to get traffic from it for weeks, months and years.


Source: Hubspot

2. Refine your writing skills

Regular blogging will help you to become a better writer. It will exercise your mind muscles so much that it will benefit in other areas of your life also.

Your ability to tackle difficult situations will increase. Being able to complete a specific task in a given time also increases drastically.

To improve your writing, you must practice regularly.

“Practice makes a man perfect.”

Most good bloggers were not born with the talent but they had put in hours of regular practice to reach the level where they are right now. You start to pay more attention to the selection of words, sentence formation and tone of your writing.

Gradually you will develop your own unique style of writing and that will give you the edge over all others. 

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3. Become better organized and a creative thinker

Your thoughts will start flowing logically and writing will not be such a pain as it used to be in the beginning.

‘Writer’s block’ will be a thing of the past. Writers are organizing their thoughts all the time for producing a good copy. Writing, editing, re-phrasing, deleting and rethinking will start coming naturally to you and your organization skills will improve greatly.

4. Make money online

In the earlier times, when blogging was new to the world, it was not considered a good practice by many people to make money from your blog. People thought that only those people who fail to get a job start a blog.

That mindset has changed greatly and there are umpteen examples of bloggers making more money than what their regular jobs might have brought them.

Today, blogging for money itself has become a hot niche that has a tremendous opportunity.

5. Get search engine traffic

Blogging is a long-term investment of time and effort. It will continue to give you leads and sales. The published blog articles have a compounding effect. The more blog posts you create, the more you will show up in searches and your audience base will be wider.

6. Collect emails

You can generate new leads by converting the traffic to your website into leads. Add a lead generating call-to-action to every blog post. Building a targeted subscriber base email list is very important for blog growth and monetization.

Calls-to-action can be free ebooks, free fact sheets, free guides, free webinars etc. These are called lead magnets.

7. More exposure and visibility

People will know about you through your blog. It opens up so many opportunities because a blog can be read by anyone in the world.

Goal-setting for your blogging journey is very important. If you know the reasons for which you blog, then you will work towards achieving them.

There can be business blogs to get more leads for your business, personal blogs to have an online journal that you can share with the world, blogs that add value to your resume for a job and establish yourself as an industry expert. Monetization from your blog can also be your goal.  

When the goal-setting has been done and efforts are directed in the right direction, then you reach the right people.

Reaching the right people can open the doors to exciting opportunities that you never thought possible otherwise.

8. Establish yourself as an authority in your field and gain influence

If you create useful content consistently that your target audience wants to read, then over time, you will become an authority in your niche. People will look up to you for insights and guidance.


Be active on social media platforms, forums and provide valuable comments wherever you can. This can get you an expert status in your field.

9. Take control of your online identity by building an online portfolio

A carefully crafted blog shows your personal side and style of writing. This resonates well with many people because it reflects genuineness. If you want to monetize your blog, always blog with a desire to help the people by providing solutions to common problems.

Blogging helps you get discovered by social networks. Every time you write a blog post, you’re creating content that people can share on social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest. If you have a solid social media strategy, then you will see lots of traffic coming from these sources too.

This helps expose your business to a new audience that may not know you yet.

10. Get a better job

Even if you don’t plan to take up blogging as a full-time work and are looking for a regular job, maintaining a personal blog adds credibility to your resume and your market value goes up.

Employers like to employ well-read and knowledgeable people. Among the many benefits of blogging, you can even negotiate a better salary!

11. Learn in-demand skills

A blogger does many other tasks besides writing content. Selecting graphics and designing creatives through various tools for the blog posts are some of the essential tasks that a blogger does.

Then comes the marketing part of the blog. Ideally, more time should be spent on marketing an article than what went on creating it.

Email marketing and promoting are all the responsibilities of a blogger. If you are also creating videos for YouTube or your blog, then video editing skills are also things that you learn. These are very much in-demand skills.

12. You will develop healthier habits

It teaches you discipline, time-management, helpfulness, goal-setting and achieving your targets. Blogging requires huge commitment and patience to see results and these are some benefits of blogging that you will cherish for your lifetime.

You will have a healthy emotional outlet if you embrace personal blogging. It is a wonderful medium to tell the world your story, thoughts and share knowledge. It is a good way to overcome mental and physical hardships.

Start your blog and reap the benefits of blogging…

A lot has still been left unsaid. Blogging can be more than just a way of creating your online visibility. It is a great medium for personal growth and acquiring skills that will be helpful in advancing your life.

It is a platform that helps you move forward in the direction of your choice. 

Blogging is a process and requires time and patience. Your blog cannot become an overnight sensation. Nurture it will good content, promote it, work smartly and reap all the benefits of blogging.

I hope you found this post helpful. If you liked it, please share it on your favourite social media channels.

Do let me know in the comments section below, how blogging has benefited you. I would love to have comments from you.

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